05 JUN 2023

Twitter Loses Two Executives in Charge of Trust and Safety as Elon Continues to Change the Rules

Despite Twitter’s repeated claims that hate speech and abuse, and thus negative brand exposure risk, has reduced since Elon Musk took over at the app, the signs coming out of Twitter HQ continue to suggest the opposite.- Synopsis.

This week, Twitter lost not one but two executives that had been in charge of trust and safety at the platform, both of whom had been vocal supporters of Elon’s ‘free speech’ reformation

As per various reports, Twitter had initially offered to host an exclusive premiere of the documentary, titled ‘What is a Woman?’, which would include paid promotion of the project.

And after he was directly questioned about Twitter’s decision to distance itself from the documentary, Musk then stepped in to overrule the team’s approach, and implement more lax rules around the same.

Snap users are highly connected to the app, with many using it as their primary platform for personal interactions. With this in mind, you can see why the random insertion of My AI is an annoyance, while some users have also raised concerns about the AI element itself, and the amount of information that it’s been able to reveal about their location, personal details, etc.

Back in 2016, Meta added Messenger Bots as a means to encourage people to interact with brands, and other entities in the app. It failed, while subsequent efforts to add in games, and other elements, have also been viewed negatively, and eventually shelved in favor of simplicity.

Irwin, in particular, had become a key spokeperson for Twitter 2.0, as Musk’s changes prompted angst and concern among ad partners. Irwin was tasked with reassuring brands, and maintaining advertiser trust – but with Twitter

The back and forth seemingly caused a significant rift within Twitter’s brand safety team, and both Ella Irwin, the head of trust and safety at the platform, and AJ Brown, the chief of brand safety, have since both left the company.

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